Parenting Through Panic

I suffer from anxiety. Probably from a lot of other things too, but we're going to focus on this right now. I am an introvert, which causes me to worry that I'm holding my kids back. I know, you're wondering how MY problems hold my kids back, but let's think this through. It is not … Continue reading Parenting Through Panic


The Talk

So, my daughter just turned 7, and I'm expecting the questions to start coming any second now. In the past, she's shown a very mild curiosity regarding where babies come from. I used to be SO uncomfortable talking about it, and although I'm getting better, I still feel a little embarrassment when it comes up. … Continue reading The Talk

Is It Enough

I'm currently sitting on the couch while my husband watches Alone In The Wilderness on PBS. The kids are in bed (not sleeping, of course, but at least they're in bed), and I'm starting to wonder if this is it. Is this adulting? Going to work, having supper, cleaning kids, and then sitting around all night? I know … Continue reading Is It Enough

On The Trail

I hate election time. I know my neighbours to the south have a VERY difficult decision to make. Here in my Province (good old Saskatchewan), we have begun the provincial campaign. I already know who I'll be voting for, so at least I'm not stressing about that. What I despise so much about this time … Continue reading On The Trail

Let’s Celebrate

Today is International Women's Day, so let's talk about one of my favourite: Sally Ride. Sally inspired me when I was a kid. Not only was she a physicist (my favourite of all the sciences), she was a freaking astronaut! She was the youngest American astronaut in space, and even helped develop the space shuttles … Continue reading Let’s Celebrate