An Introduction

Hi! I’m Lindsay!

I’m a 32 year old mother of 2 and new to this whole blogging thing. I am the most amazing assistant ever to two fantastic financial advisors. I am a lover of science fiction (and science non-fiction), classic rock, and pretty much all things Beatles.

I am also a former financial advisor myself, but found that my strengths were in the behind-the-scenes aspect of everything. Which, honestly, was a great realization, as I am also an introvert. Trying to build a business while being terrified of talking to people isn’t really the greatest corporate plan out there!

This blog will definitely be a mash up of everything – from sharing my thoughts on scientific discoveries and politics (keep in mind – I’m no expert on either of these topics, but they’re interesting to discuss nonetheless), to parenting  kids who are close in age (5 and a half and 7) and the trials that come with being an introverted parent. We will also explore the fantastic world of the Doctor Who fandom.

I guess that’s all there is to tell you right now, but I look forward to us getting to know each other!







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