On The Trail

I hate election time. I know my neighbours to the south have a VERY difficult decision to make. Here in my Province (good old Saskatchewan), we have begun the provincial campaign.

I already know who I’ll be voting for, so at least I’m not stressing about that. What I despise so much about this time is all the mud slinging and fear mongering. While there’s not a lot of fear mongering up here (I know there’s a LOT in the States), we definitely have our fair share of mud slinging.

I don’t want to hear what the other party sucks at, I want to hear what your party is going to do. There doesn’t seem to be enough balance on the campaign trail. It’s quite frustrating.

Maybe it’s time I make my foray into the political world, and take the best from all parties and make my own. Then again, if I had THAT kind of power, Saskatchewan might wind up with it’s own Queen. I really just want a crown.


One thought on “On The Trail

  1. Suze says:

    We in the states want the same things…a party that states what their platform is, what they would like to do in office and what they promise NOT to do. The fear-mongering and mud-slinging is abhorrent to me. As for that queenship? Go for it! I am personally the queen of Suziland and quite happy to rule here….I just wish my family recognised my royalty. http://www.suziland.net

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