The Talk

So, my daughter just turned 7, and I’m expecting the questions to start coming any second now. In the past, she’s shown a very mild curiosity regarding where babies come from. I used to be SO uncomfortable talking about it, and although I’m getting better, I still feel a little embarrassment when it comes up. Why? Why should I feel embarrassed about how my kids were made?

Thanks to websites like, and, I’ve found some great tips and resources for talking to my kids. There are many other resources out there as well, so don’t be afraid to look!

At Healthy Children, I learned some great tips based on my kids ages (5 and 7). Our kids will be curious, and they’ll ask questions that sound so cute, but try not to laugh. Our kidlets don’t need to feel ashamed about asking these important questions. Remember, the lessons we teach our kids now will stay with them, and help them develop healthy relationships.

At Center for Healthy Sex, I found some awesome books to help with the conversations. A lot of these seem geared towards teens (and middle school aged kids), but there are some to help get you started with younger children (I’ll keep the teen ones on hand for the near future…).

Don’t ever be afraid to answer your kids awkward questions! If we keep putting it off because we’re too squeamish, we may end up waiting too long. Besides, if we’re uncomfortable about this kind of thing, what business do we have doing the deed?


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