Lifetime Achievement 

Frank Welker, the man of a million voices, is finally receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. This man brought me and my siblings (and my kids) SO many hours of enjoyment. 

So of course, now I’m thinking “what have I done with my life? What would my achievements be?”

Well…my kids, of course. I work….do I make a difference, though? 

I’m sure we all wonder the same thing, from time to time. Maybe we’re not community leaders. Maybe we don’t volunteer our time. Maybe we’re just getting by one day at a time. And maybe that’s enough!

It’s like my kids can sense when I’m feeling like this, because whenever I do, one of them tells me how much they love me. Or how going to the bookstore was the best day EVER! 

So maybe I’m not a big name in the community, but I’m a pretty big star at home.


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