This Thing Called Life

Prince died yesterday, and the whole world is mourning. 2016 must be pretty scary if you’re a celebrity.

We’ve lost so many great artists (musicians and actors), and I see so many people coming together to mourn. And of course, I see others commenting things like “why are you sad, you didn’t know him/her?”

It’s not that we knew them, it’s that they helped us know ourselves. David Bowies music brought me solace in so many moments of sadness or pain. Alan Rickman in Harry Potter showed us that just because somebody seems evil, there’s more to it.

Prince summed it up beautifully in his song Lets Go Crazy: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing we call life.

No matter where we are, what our social or financial status is, we are all in it together, just trying to get through it.

And that’s a really beautiful thing.


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