Let Them Play

What a great day! After a nice lunch and visit with my grandma, the kids, hubby, and I hit up a trade show and barbecue to raise funds for my old elementary school for a new playground.  We bought a few things from a local craftsman Abandoned Warehouse Crafts. LOVE his stuff!  I truly hope they … Continue reading Let Them Play



It's been a gloomy week. The sun has been intermittent, and the rain has made an appearance.  Fitting, as I've been increasingly stressed. My husbands work has been slow, and the bills are piling up. Our oldest needs to go to the dentist, and I need new shoes, as there's a nice hole in the … Continue reading Priorities

Coming Together

I can't imagine anything more frightening than watching my home, and everything around it, burn down. But right now, that is the reality for over 80,000 people in Fort McMurray, and the surrounding areas. So far, everybody has made it out safely, and I hope it continues that way. Of course, the Canadian Red Cross … Continue reading Coming Together