It’s been a gloomy week. The sun has been intermittent, and the rain has made an appearance. 

Fitting, as I’ve been increasingly stressed. My husbands work has been slow, and the bills are piling up. Our oldest needs to go to the dentist, and I need new shoes, as there’s a nice hole in the bottom of mine. All these expenses, and not nearly enough money.

I know we should be grateful. There are many who have much larger and more pressing problems than us. People always make sure to tell you that, too. 

But it doesn’t diminish the fact that, at this point in time, we are having difficulty making ends meet. And if you’re in a position where you need $100 to catch up, and you don’t have that $100, it might as well be a million dollars. 

We’ll get through this, like we always do. But it definitely makes us put our priorities in order.


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