Let Them Play

What a great day! After a nice lunch and visit with my grandma, the kids, hubby, and I hit up a trade show and barbecue to raise funds for my old elementary school for a new playground. 

We bought a few things from a local craftsman Abandoned Warehouse Crafts. LOVE his stuff! 

TARDIS earrings

Dragon egg slip on earrings

LEGO bowtie (with some of Petes own added accessories)

I truly hope they hit their goal and are able to fund a new playground. The current wooden one was put in close to 20 years ago. It’s splitting, and while it still serves its purpose, it needs to be replaced.

Playgrounds are such an important part of schools. I firmly believe that kids need to be able to play during the school day. They take in so much information, and the best way (in my non expert opinion) to retain all that knowledge is to have the opportunity to unwind. 

They also learn great social skills on the playground. They’re being creative, and interacting with others, not just their own classmates.

I’m constantly reading about places that have reduced recess time, and it just makes no sense to me. Kids need to play! And in this ever increasingly busy world, where parents are working more and more, they just don’t get the time they need at home.

I say bring back recess, and let kids be kids!


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