Together We Mourn

A nightclub in Orlando was the scene of a deadly attack early this morning. At least 50 people are confirmed dead, and 53 injured.
A man armed with an assault style weapon, who they say was well prepared opened fire at a gay nightclub. 

Why is there such hatred? We don’t know this mans motives, although they are considering the possibility that it was a hate crime. It is Pride Week, after all. My heart breaks for all the family and friends affected by this. 

One day, it could be our own children faced with this kind of hatred. Despised for who they are. Attacked because of who they love.

If we want anything to change, we have to work together. We can not support politicians who want to make love illegal. Who spread fear solely because they don’t understand. 

Until we can all realize that love is love, we will continue to face this kind of violence. Together, we can make a difference, but today, together we will mourn. 


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