Balloon Madness!!

Holy. Moly. I've been sort of watching the campaign coverage from my safe place up here in Canada. It's a pretty crazy situation going on down south! Between some sort of email scandal to accusations of plagiarism (not to mention one candidates blatant sexism, homophobia, racism, and xenophobia), it's been a pretty wild ride! Last night we saw the DNC wrap up, with Hillary … Continue reading Balloon Madness!!


Recharging Makes Me A Better Mom

Working full time? Check. Taking care of kids? Check. Boring adult responsibilities? Check. Sure, that looks like a small list, but every parent knows that on top of working 40 hours a week, kids and adult stuff (like paying bills, and cooking supper) sure add up in hours, too. And what's missing? A little me … Continue reading Recharging Makes Me A Better Mom

Heavy Hearts

What is happening to our world? Last night, during a peaceful protest in Dallas, five police officers were killed, and many others wounded. I've seen the nasty vitriol spewed so far, and it sickens me. Standing with a movement like Black Lives Matter does NOT automatically mean you think no other lives matter. Standing with police officers … Continue reading Heavy Hearts