Heavy Hearts

What is happening to our world? Last night, during a peaceful protest in Dallas, five police officers were killed, and many others wounded. I’ve seen the nasty vitriol spewed so far, and it sickens me.

Standing with a movement like Black Lives Matter does NOT automatically mean you think no other lives matter. Standing with police officers does NOT automatically mean you think black lives don’t matter. We can ache for the officers who were killed, while at the same time aching for those who have been needlessly killed by police. Police who kill people do NOT represent all officers, just as the snipers in yesterday’s attack do NOT represent all protestors.

While I live in Canada, and this isn’t as large of a problem as it is in the States, that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything. We can spread love and acceptance everywhere we go. We can bring attention to the matters at hand. I am fortunate to not have to teach my children to “obey the police, even if they’re in the wrong, so that you stay alive”, as many mothers of minority children have to.

Sometimes all it takes is admitting there is a problem. In 2011, the Las Vegas police did just that. They said “We know there is a problem, and we’re going to do something about it.” They took the time and resources to train officers in many methods of assessing and de-escalating situations, and the rate of police shootings dropped. This is a sign that change CAN happen, as long as everybody involved is willing to work for it.

Hug your children extra tight tonight, we could all use some love.


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