Recharging Makes Me A Better Mom

Working full time? Check.

Taking care of kids? Check.

Boring adult responsibilities? Check.

Sure, that looks like a small list, but every parent knows that on top of working 40 hours a week, kids and adult stuff (like paying bills, and cooking supper) sure add up in hours, too. And what’s missing? A little me time.

I LOVE my kids, and I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. But sometimes it’s overwhelming. I know my husband feels the same. I mean, the man can easily put in 80 hours a week. TWICE what I work. Then he comes home and helps out. We share our responsibilities, which is great, but it doesn’t make it any less exhausting for either of us.

We need to recharge, or we become sleep deprived beasts. And all that leads to is a shorter fuse, and no parent wants to have that, what with kids being professional button-pushers! Sometimes it feels like we never get a break! Don’t get me wrong, every few weekends I take a few hours in the evening to head out and see some friends, but I always feel so rushed!

Today, on my lunch break at work (I’m so thankful I get a full hour), I took a stroll down by our beautiful river. It wasn’t long, but it was enough to feel refreshed. What better way to recharge myself than walking along this stunning scenery.Train Bridge

And what better timing, since it’s just me and the kids tonight, as the hubby is out of town for work this weekend. Parents, don’t forget to take that time for yourself. I know it can be difficult – not everybody is as fortunate as I am to have family available to help out, but if you can, do whatever it is you need to do!

Take that walk alone, have a spa day, heck, even take that much needed nap! Not only will you feel better physically, but you’ll feel better mentally and emotionally, and that is going to make you a better parent.

Your kids will see that it’s important for mom and dad to have some alone time, because when you’re not overwhelmed, you’re happier. And happier parents are WAY more fun!


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