Balloon Madness!!

Holy. Moly. I’ve been sort of watching the campaign coverage from my safe place up here in Canada. It’s a pretty crazy situation going on down south! Between some sort of email scandal to accusations of plagiarism (not to mention one candidates blatant sexismhomophobiaracism, and xenophobia), it’s been a pretty wild ride!

Last night we saw the DNC wrap up, with Hillary Clinton accepting the nomination, becoming the first woman to lead a major presidential ticket.

Her speech was amazing, and finally proof that when we tell our children, our daughters especially, that they can be anything, they really can!

After watching history be made, I have to say…my favourite part of the whole DNC was watching the balloon drop! I mean, everybody loves balloons, but the Clintons REALLY love balloons! Look at Bill having so much fun! What a great way to end a convention, and a nice break from the craziness of this whole thing!

Anyway, good luck with your decision in November, America. Make it count!


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