It’s No Secret

It’s no secret that sometimes, parents struggle. Maybe we feel like we’re not doing enough for our kids, or maybe we lost our cool one too many times this week. And while every parent goes through this, we always feel like we’re alone.

Being a mom to two kids with ADHD made me feel even more alone. My friends all seemed to have it together – routines, Pinterest-perfect lives – and here I was, struggling to get my kids to eat breakfast and get out the door somewhat on time.

But I could never admit it. I was ashamed. For years, I didn’t know what I was dealing with, I assumed it was just behaviour issues. And you know what? That made me feel even worse! I must have been a terrible parent if I couldn’t even accomplish simple tasks like getting my kids to get dressed in a reasonable amount of time!

I was so ashamed, that I couldn’t bring myself to ask for advice. I kept quiet about these struggles (besides venting the odd time to a friend – heaven forbid I let her find out it was a regular occurance). And keeping that secret got me nowhere.

When I finally asked for advice, I wasn’t met with disdain, I was met with words of kindness and encouragement. When I finally admitted to an old friend that I suspected my son may have ADHD, she responded with “my daughter has ADHD – I understand.”

Suddenly, I wasn’t alone anymore. After talking with my doctor, my suspicions were confirmed, not only about my son, but my daughter as well. We chose to medicate, and our lives have changed. A weight had been lifted.

Keeping our concerns to ourselves doesn’t help anybody. It causes stress and loneliness. Whatever your struggles, confiding in somebody you trust can make all the difference in the world.


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