The World We Know

Lately it seems like a crazy world we’re living in. The more I look around, the more I see this culture of entitlement. And I’m sorry to say that I see a lot of it in my own generation. People expect instant gratification, refusing to be patient, and demanding things they didn’t earn.

And the worst part? I see that in my children. I love them to pieces, but they have this idea in their heads that they can just demand something, without working for it, and they’ll get it. And when they don’t? All hell breaks loose! My husband and I have been working together on this, trying to teach them that this isn’t how the world is supposed to work. I mean, the kids are 6 and 7, it’s not like they’re not old enough to know this!

They understand that if they do chores, they earn money (well, buttons really – each one worth 25 cents, each chore worth different amounts of buttons, and when their jars are full, they cash it in), but they don’t care. We’ve had this system for over a year, and their jars are maybe a quarter full. I think, though, things are about to change.

My daughter (7) won a prize at school yesterday. She’s pretty excited, and who wouldn’t be? She won $500. That’s a lot when you’re 7 (it’s a lot when you’re an adult!!!) So this weekend, we’re opening up a bank account for her. She is going to learn about saving money. She does get to spend some – we’ve allowed her to spend $100 – but the rest goes into the bank. From there, we’re going to discuss saving some and donating some. We’ll probably do the same for her brother (although his account won’t be so full right off the bat!).

It’s time our children (everybody’s, not just mine) learn some responsibility, and start earning the things they want.canadian-money


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