Where Is The Holiday Cheer?

It’s December 21st…Christmas is only days away, and I am having a hard time finding the enthusiasm for it this year. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I tend to procrastinate, but I’ve got all my shopping done, I just need to wrap things up.

I didn’t do any baking this year (not that I’m a huge holiday baker). I usually make some cookies and decorate with the kids. We didn’t do that this time. I did buy a little set from Walmart, so maybe we’ll bust that out tonight.

I think part of my lack of holiday cheer is that my house is a bloody disaster. Seriously, it looks like a tornado ran through. My loveseat and rocking chair are serving their purpose as laundry hampers, the kitchen table is acting as a catchall, and it just seems like there’s so much to do! Every time I turn around, there is something else that has become more disorganized and cluttered than normal.

Add to that the fact that my daughter has decided that listening isn’t important, but mocking everybody is. And who needs to get dressed and take her medication? Not her (or so she’s decided)! Fighting with her every single morning is taking a toll. I managed to not COMPLETELY lose my cool this morning, but I did yell at her (which just makes my enthusiasm for this season go away even more).

I suppose in a few more days, things will get back to “normal”, and we can focus on just getting our daughter to work on her attitude (and for me to work on mine). I heard a rumour that this is supposed to be a magical time, so maybe we can work some magic and make some meaningful change around our house. Now THAT is something to be enthusiastic about!



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