The Calm Before The Storm

The countdown is on. Four days until Christmas, and with all the disorganization  at our house lately, it’s suddenly calm. I’m not sure whether I should be grateful or afraid! Now that we’re seemingly caught up on the holiday expectations (gifts and the whatnot), I think I’ll choose to be grateful for now, because I know that come the new year, it will be time to start organizing.

Our house is cluttered, more so than usual. I say this every year, but I really think 2017 will be the year we finally get our shit together and sort through all this junk. It’s just all so overwhelming, and I don’t know where to start. I’ve read pretty much every single “How to declutter your house in 5 simple steps” blogs and articles that are out there, but I don’t think those people intended their posts for houses like mine. I used to sit and watch Hoarders just so I wouldn’t feel so bad about my own home.

I keep telling my husband that we should start with the basement. It’s the worst offender, and if we can get that done, then all the rest of the house will seem easy by comparison. That, or we’ll be so exhausted that we won’t care about the rest of the house! And when things get overwhelming…just take a deep breath and think about calm, blue oceans. Or the South Saskatchewan River. It’s just as beautiful.



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