Trek On

This seems to be a recurring theme (and I’ve probably said that before), but there was another fight with my daughter this morning. I kept my cool, but she still insisted on screaming in my face.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but the medication she takes is a little capsule that we can mix the contents of into her juice. We don’t hide this from the kids, they know it’s in there. She has always been a dawdler, but this is getting ridiculous. In the time it took me to get dressed, finish getting myself ready for work, make sure their clothes were ready, make their breakfast and pack their lunches, she had eaten a small portion of her breakfast, and had none of the two ounces of juice I gave her. She then decided to dump it out, and lie to me about doing it.

I’m at my wits end. Last night, she was so argumentative (read bitchy) at supper time – complete with screaming at me and her dad, that I left. I used the excuse that I had to pick up some groceries (which I did), but I had to get out of there before I lost it. And truth be told, I was tempted to stay out all night, until after the kids had gone to bed.

I’ll be making another appointment with the doctor to see if maybe this is a side effect, but I think it’s a behavioural thing, as she is combative over pretty much everything right now. I mean, she is seven-going-on-bitch-teen. She seems to get along with others at school, and there haven’t been problems reported, but maybe something else is going on.

I suppose we’ll trek on, and hope for the best, because that’s all we can really do.


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