Be Exposed

Inauguration day has come. I was at work, so I didn’t watch (not that I was overly interested in watching). However, this….eventful…day has opened the floodgates of differing opinions.

Most of what I have come across has been polite discussion, but, of course, there will always be awful people in the world who will say awful things. We’ve heard about it in the news since the election (even before). Kids are picking up on many of the awful things the new President has said, causing fear among non-white students.

As parents, we need to be careful in how we limit our children’s exposure to this kind of thing. I want my children to be open minded, and able to make their own decisions, but I don’t want my children seeing somebody in power who thinks it’s okay to make some of the claims Mr. Trump has made. I refuse to raise my children in an echo-chamber. I want them to know that their opinions and feelings count, but we need to remind our children that having an opinion is one thing, but expressing it in a harmful way is something else.

We are fortunate that we don’t live in the US, and are watching this from afar. But I’m not foolish enough to think that this new administration won’t impact Canada. What that impact will be is yet to be seen.

Remember: whatever is happening in our world, whoever is in power, it is up to us as parents to help shape our children. Let’s make sure we’re doing them justice.


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