A Whole Year

So, I got a notification that today is my WordPress anniversary! Well…yay! Looking through my blog, I noticed that, after a year, there’s not a whole lot here, and when I look at the content I do have…well…I’m definitely not a professional writer!

I hear ya, Lev! I hear ya! I mean, I’m not a novelist, but the sentiment is the same. I read a lot of blogs, and everybody seems to be so articulate, and here I sit, not really knowing how to put my thoughts into words. I wonder if maybe it’s because my mind is so cluttered. As y’all know, both of my kids were diagnosed with ADHD, and it’s generally genetic, from what I understand. The more I read about it, the more I see a lot of myself. There are days where I wonder how I get through life being so distracted, and I kick myself for not being able to accomplish simple tasks easily.

But you know what? This is what makes me who I am. Would I like to be more organized? Sure, who wouldn’t?! Would I like to take less than half an hour to load the dishwasher because I keep getting distracted? Absolutely! These are things that I’m working on, and I know I’ll find a method that works. But for now, I need to embrace who I am, and the craziness that makes me…well…me!


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