Eight Years Have Gone By

Yesterday, my little baby girl turned eight. Wait, what?! Where on earth did the time go? It seems like not that long ago, she was a tiny little thing that I could practically fit in one arm.

Libby Baby

Now, she’s in the second grade, reading, writing, loving math and science (SO proud!!), and, of course, giving attitude. And as much as that frustrates me, I wouldn’t change it for the world.


So what’s happened in the last eight years?

Well, we’ve moved a bunch of times, we had another child, both kids have gone through two years of pre-school, followed by kindergarten, and now one is in grade 2, and the other in grade 1. Harry and I got married, we’ve both changed jobs a few times, and now, suddenly, things seem to finally be settling down. I mean, as much as it can when you have two kids that just keep going, and going, and going.

Sometimes I wonder if this is it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving our life. But is there more in our future? We’re more financially stable now than we have been in years, which is amazing, but sometimes it feels like we work just to pay bills and buy food, and then suddenly we’re broke again. We had a little extra money this month, and we were looking at some inexpensive mattresses for the kids new bunk beds, but my instinct was to hold off. Could we afford it? Sure, but we didn’t. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to not being able to do these things that doing them seems wrong.

Yeah, there’s more to life than money, and I’m definitely rich in love and kindness from friends and family, but it sure would be nice to be able to do a few things without worry. I try not to focus too much on that. I don’t want to stress myself, or the kids, out. We don’t hide it from them, but we also don’t go into too much detail.

Now that they’re getting older, I want my kids to understand how money works. Last night, my son asked for something, and I told him no, it wasn’t something we could afford.

“But mom, you could just use your debit card.” Well…that’s not exactly how it works. We’ve been trying to teach them about priorities, and how we decide what to spend and how. So, you know, if you have any tried and true tricks or methods or resources that help explain this kind of thing, let me know! I will say, we’re considering getting clear piggy banks, because Peter refuses to put his money in his. He doesn’t want to lose sight of it, so maybe that will help?

Eight years have gone by, and it’s time to look at the next eight. Our next step is working on goals for ourselves and the kids. Savings, moving on in school, trips, sports. The list goes on and on, and I am so looking forward to checking these things off as we go.

Happy birthday Libby, and thank you for coming into my life, and forcing me to finally look towards the future.

Libby Cake


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