The Most Meaningful Anniversary

42. As we should all know, thanks to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, is that 42 is the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Today, April 19th, 2017, makes this even more appropriate. Today, my parents are celebrating 42 years of marriage. 42 years of living, loving, and learning together. 42 years of good, bad, and everything in between (the best of which, in my opinion, is their creation of life).

My parents amaze me. It takes dedication and the ability to be selfless to spend 42 years with somebody. It makes me chuckle sometimes when I think about how I used to get SO annoyed with my husband when he would be back in town. He used to work away from home, gone for two weeks, home for two weeks. Our routine would change entirely when he was home, and it would bother me so much, and, I’m ashamed to admit, sometimes I would wish he would just hurry up and go back to work.

My husband and I have been married for 5 years, together for 9. Even the idea of 42 seems like a lifetime. I don’t mean that I can’t see us together forever (if that were the case, we never would have gotten married), it just seems so far away.

My parents have been together for the better part of their entire lives, through thick and thin, through good and bad. Now, I can’t speak for them, but I wouldn’t doubt that there were times that they thought they might not make it. I’ve heard it’s normal to have that thought. What takes strength, love, and determination, is making it through those times and coming out better. It takes perseverance to go through life with somebody and learn together.

purple square

Happy anniversary to my wonderful parents. I hope one day I can be as amazing as you two.



6 thoughts on “The Most Meaningful Anniversary

  1. Nel says:

    Happy anniversary to your parents! I hear you on the thought of 42+ years. I’ve been married 2 years in June but together 10 years in August. I hope we live up to your amazing parents 🙂

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  2. Laurie Lyman says:

    Thank you for your lovely words. Yes, there are times when you think you won’t make it, but you just soldier on. And in the end, it is so, so worth it.

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  3. mumsthewordblog1 says:

    42 is our family’s lucky number! Happy anniversary to your parents – my husband and I celebrate our 33rd anniversary next week and I can’t imagine my life without hupim! 😃🐻

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