The Rolling Stones Lied…Time Isn’t Always On Our Side.

As we go through life, we come across all sorts of people, and no matter how hard we try to just keep to ourselves, we inevitably interact with some of them. If we’re lucky, some of them understand us enough to actually stick around.

 While perusing the internet today, I saw this:


You know, this doesn’t just apply to guys and girls. There are so many different relationships we can have with another person. Take Trish, for example. She is not just my best friend, she’s my soul mate. You don’t have to be lovers to be soul mates, by the way. We found that we had a connection that went deeper than just friendship. Sure, we have our ups and downs, just like any set of people do, but it’s never affected us negatively. Do we agree on everything? HA! Right. Of course not! Do we judge each other and the decisions the other makes? All the time. But, again, it doesn’t affect our friendship. We can practically read each other’s minds, and communicate just by looking at each other.

It turns out that our paths had crossed years before we officially met. We ran with the same crowd, hell, she even lived in the apartment building right next to mine! Yet, it wasn’t until almost 3 or 4 years later that we actually met. And we just…clicked. Now, what if we had met years before? Our lives were completely different then, and I don’t think we needed each other the way we do now. Chances are, I would have hated her (sorry Trish, but it’s true!!). So in this case, I think time really was on our side. We met when we were meant to, and one of the greatest friendships I’ve ever had formed.

On the other hand, I’ve had some truly amazing people in my life who are no longer a part of it. People say it’s because as we grow and change, inevitably, so do the people who get to share in our lives. And it hurts. I had a friend who was everything to me. This one happened to be a male, and I’d like to think that gender had nothing to do with this, but who knows? Dan and I met in high school, bonding over our mutual dislike for a certain “she who shall remain nameless” (a straight up bitch, to be honest). We found that we shared the same intense love for terrible horror movies, and thus a full on friendship formed.

As time went on, we grew apart, as many high school friends do. It hurt to realize I was losing him. He’d seen me not only at my best, but at my worst, and he stuck with me. And no matter how I rationalized it (we both have new friends from work/university), or tried to control things, it didn’t make it easier. And finally, that was it. There was nothing left. Time, with all of its busyness and fleeting ways, had destroyed what I thought was indestructible.
Like I said earlier, there are so many different relationships we can have, which in turn means there are so many different ways we can fall for someone. As the years have passed, I’ve met so many people and wonder how different my life would be if I’d met them years ago. And would I like that life? And I always hope that, no matter what my relationship with that person may be, that it’s not too late.

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