Over and Over

Six. Six more weekdays, and then my kids are done school for the summer. They are soooooo excited, and honestly, so am I. No more packing lunches! Yay! However, that also marks the start of the two of them being cooped up together all summer.

As it is, they fight pretty much non-stop lately. Every day is like a loop; wake up, have breakfast, argue about who’s turn it is to pick a morning cartoon, argue about who gets to give mom a hug goodbye first, argue about who’s turn it is for whatever they do at Nana’s house. Then I pick them up, and it’s fight about what to have for supper, fight about who gets to play with what, fight about the rules to some made up game, and fight about who’s room to do story time in at bedtime.

This summer, I’m hoping things will be different. Libby will be attending a french reading summer “camp” (it’s mornings for two weeks) to help boost her reading before the next school year starts. But that doesn’t start until August, so we signed the kids up for a tumbling class, once a week in the evenings. They’ll be in the class together, but hopefully they can curb the fighting for an hour, because I’m seriously ready to pull my hair out.

I suppose, though, that this is what kids do. What’s the point of having siblings if not fighting?


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