Along For The Ride

Do you ever feel like you’re losing control? Like you’re the passenger in your own life, instead of the driver? I feel like that lately. I’m not entirely sure why, either.

Back in May, I learned that there would be some negative changes to our financial situation. There were some changes made at work, and it caused my hours to be reduced. It sent me into a panic! We are not rich by any means, but we were getting by, and this was going to throw a wrench into all of that.

I was having daily (sometimes even more often) panic attacks, and I couldn’t focus on anything. We were fortunate that the changes would start in the summer, which is when my husbands work typically picks up, so I kept trying to remind myself of that, but it didn’t seem to help. Even more fortunately, it didn’t last long. The folks I worked for weren’t the only ones making changes to their practice, and another advisor needs some extra help, so starting next week, I’m back to my full time hours, so our “nightmare” only lasted about a month.

I will say, though, that the month of June sure put a few things into perspective. I have already been working on budgeting, but seeing the drastic change really brought home the message that we need to get organized. I realized how often we buy things twice, because we’ve misplaced the one we bought. I saw how much fuel was being wasted, so we started working out better plans for picking the kids up from school, and my husband from work. We are also working on finding other things we can cut out of our lives, but finding it difficult.

I know I shouldn’t complain. I know there are a lot of people in my city who are worse off than we are, but it was still a punch to the gut to see not only how expensive this city can be, but how wasteful we can be as a family.

So now, we are taking back control. I will no longer just be the passenger, along for the ride, I will be in the driver’s seat, working on keeping us on track.


2 thoughts on “Along For The Ride

  1. Crazy 4 Jazz says:

    I liked your honesty – I relate to your feeling of being a passenger. I realize I am one, too – but not knowing the destination. I am willing to be a passenger as long as I know where I am going. I hope you will find your financial stability but most of all going for a ride and enjoy the journey.


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