Let’s Dance

I took the greatest video of my son the other day:

He’s dancing along to a video of Just Dance Super Mario Edition. This kid has moves! After I filmed it, I was deciding whether or not I would share it. I mean, the kid is super cute, so why wouldn’t I?

Well…the vacuum has been sitting there in the living room for….a week or two? And there’s a laundry hamper full of clothes that I haven’t folded yet. And what you can’t seen, but I know is there, are shreds of paper from something my dog destroyed. And stray socks all over, and a scattering of toys and other such things.

If you noticed, our blinds are mostly closed. They’re always like that, because I can’t bear the thought of people outside seeing the disaster that is my home. I figured a laundry basket and vacuum in the background wasn’t so bad, as long as you can’t see the other mess. And then I thought: so what? Look at that kid go! You can even hear his sister laughing from off screen. My house is messy. My house is cluttered. I stress about it all day, every day, and sometimes I work up the energy to tidy up, but I haven’t made it as far as purging the junk.

But in this moment, my kids didn’t see a messy living room. They saw a dance floor, and they busted some moves. One day my blinds will be open, with all the light pouring in, because I will have finally taken care of the things that a mother is “supposed” to take care of. But for now, I’ll spend more time making sure my kids are happy, and dancing.


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