In the Face of Tragedy, We Are Family

I, like many others, have been struggling this weekend to comprehend the massive tragedy that the Humboldt Broncos faced on Friday. This is every parent’s worst nightmare, and I can’t imagine what these people are going through.

Sixteen lives were taken far too soon. Young athletes, with their lives and their careers ahead of them, forever changed.

What has stricken me this weekend, though, is the outpouring of support for the families, and the community of Humboldt. A Go Fund Me was set up, and in just a few short days, has surpassed $5 million. People from all over the world are reaching out to help. The Canadian Blood Services in Saskatoon was over capacity with donors on Saturday, as people did everything they could to help.

That’s the thing about Saskatchewan. People joke and question what’s so great about a big old flat province, and yet, when tragedy strikes, our province of over 1.1 million people feels like a close knit family. Regardless of beliefs or political affiliation (things which usually cause great divide), we are one. We will stand together, and we will rush to help our neighbours in any way we can.

We will support these families, and we will support our first responders and emergency workers, who faced this head on, as calm and collected as they could. In this kind of tragedy, we often forget that the responders and nurses and doctors are human too, and they need just as much support as the families.

Humboldt, your province, your country, and the world, are all with you. Broncos

This post has been updated to reflect that, tragically, the number of lives lost has risen to 16.

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